Cato Friend | Exhibition “ カ ト フ レ ” at AL

Cato Friend solo exhibition
Site at AL
August 8 Thu. – 20 Tue.,2013
open: 11:00 – 19:00 ( 20th : 18:00 )


Planning : Margarine , KiKi inc.
Collaborate :  AL , Butter Inc.
Supported by : Kirin Brewery Company, Limited
Special Thanks : THE LICO (music)



//// Workshop /////
August 11th Sun. and 18th Sun.
Cato Friend の似顔絵(ヒトもペットも)描きます!


*A5サイズ1枚 / 1ドリンク付き ¥1000-
*ご予約などは承っておりません。オープン時間内 先着順とさせていただきます。

*ペット同伴は可能ですが、ギャラリー内 また近隣のお客様のご迷惑にならないようご配慮お願い申しあげます。



//// Workshop /////
August 11 Sun.
Cato Friend will draw a portrait (you and also your pets) !


*Per a paper (A5-size) with 1drink.  ¥1,000-
*We cannot take any reservations. You will be able to order on a first-come-first-served basis.
Please note that you might have to wait  according to time.
*It does take 5 minutes per sketch. It will be a simple drawing.
*You can come to the gallery  with your pets, however please keep your pets by your side to avoid any trouble with the neighbors and other viewers of the exhibition.